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Let's help those in precarious situations who need health care!

Thanks to you, let's cure injustice !

Médecins du Monde Luxembourg works throughout the year to make the health system more equitable and to enable vulnerable people who are in a very precarious situation, often homeless or badly housed, to access medical care.

By making a donation, you are supporting our work to establish an inclusive social protection system that allows full access to primary health care for everyone living in Luxembourg.

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Information on the distribution of expenditure in 2021:

  • 69 %

    Expenditure on national healthcare programmes

  • 21 %

    Communication, sensibilisation and advocacy

  • 10 %


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According to the law in force, your donations are tax deductible as long as the total amount of your donations is at least 120€. A tax certificate will be issued to you, showing all your annual payments.

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